We’re not just a solution,
We’re your partner, not just a solution!
We’re your partner, not just a solution!

We understand that returns are an unavoidable aspect of ecommerce and are trying to reduce your losses as much as possible with our AI-powered returns solution model. Over the past few years, we’ve seen D2C brands and ecommerce companies are going all out in offering supreme customer experience. While keeping your customers happy is crucial in building a successful business, it’s equally important to consider the profitability of the business. Often, sellers are found in a dilemma of choosing between Customer Experience and Profitability. Our job is to bridge this gap so that you don’t need to choose any longer.

While our solution offers a world-class customer experience like instant refunds, smart exchange options, and many more without breaking your bank, it also lets you understand returns deeply and helps you in reducing returns even before an order is placed with our AI-based approach.

Our Mission

Our one and only mission is to help ecommerce businesses optimize their returns end-to-end.
Starting with providing customers with accurate information about a product during purchase to ensuring smooth returns process in the fulfillment center, we aim to be there with our customers in every stage of their returns process.

How Are We Different?

We are always listening

Have a feature request? Tell us and we will try to incorporate it in our product roadmap. Not happy with something? We will get it right.

Climate Change Warriors

We don’t reduce returns only to help businesses, but also to reduce wastage and landfills.

We don’t make money out of your returns

Returns are already a loss for you, we will never charge you for that. We like to align our goal with yours.

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