You’re a busy eCommerce business owner looking after some of the best returns management solutions online. You can surely find specialized returns management apps that can offer you a wide variety of features to help you manage returns seamlessly.  

The way you handle product returns can make or break your business. You can either take leverage of returns and turn it into a profit center or you can let returns eat into your profits – the choice is yours! In order to make returns profitable and use them as a means to enhance customer experience, it’s extremely important to tie up with the best returns management software that will not only help you in managing returns but also prevent them. And if you find a returns solution that uses artificial intelligence to reduce and automate returns, give it no second thought as it will not only help you understand your customers better but will also give you time back in your day.  

In this article, we will talk about two eCommerce returns software to help you choose the right one for your eCommerce store, EcoReturns, and Returnly. 

EcoReturns by Saara 

EcoReturns is an AI-powered returns reduction and automation solution by Saara that enables eCommerce businesses, Shopify store owners, and D2C brands to improve profits while contributing to an emission-free environment. While most returns management apps are focusing on offering a world-class customer experience with exchanges and refund options, EcoReturns understands the importance of business profitability and taking a sustainable approach for merchants. 


Founded in the year 2014, Returnly aims to make returns a good experience for end customers while benefiting businesses. The returns management uses technology to help D2C brands offer the seamless returns experience that their shoppers have come to expect.  

Why is EcoReturns an Ideal Returns Management Solution for your eCommerce Business 

A lot of your business profitability depends on how to handle your returns. Therefore, in order to create a successful business, you must focus on selecting the best returns management solution for your store. EcoReturns offers a wide variety of features that you can leverage to simplify your returns process, reduce returns, and meet your sustainability goals. Here’s a look at a few of the key offerings- 

  1. Prevent Returns with Artificial Intelligence – Intelligent returns analytics allow omnichannel sellers to understand and mitigate the underlying causes of returns. Key returns data such as return rate, return reasons, returns by region, revenue lost to returns and more help eCommerce business owners make data-driven decisions to reduce their returns. Moreover, all of this is updated real-time in a central dashboard. 

  2. Risk Assessment – EcoReturns’ risk assessment model allows sellers to determine the risk of an order being returned. It’s risky order prevention system assesses 150+ parameters for each order and predicts if it can be returned, thus helping sellers reduce returns by an average of 50%. 

  3. Intelligent Exchanges, Instant Refunds and Store Credits – EcoReturns offers merchants to offer intelligent exchanges to customers with any product from the sellers’ catalog and instant refund options. It also allows you to offer store credits to customers in exchange of a return, thereby preventing a return from happening and reducing your carbon footprint. All of this happens under a fully branded returns portal 

  4. Process unlimited number of returns – With EcoReturns, you can process unlimited number of returns for free. It doesn’t charge you for any product returned. 

Final Say 

Returns are often considered to be evil for businesses. However, what makes it evil is how you handle returns. The first step to handle returns seamlessly is to select the right returns management solution for your brand. Choose the best returns management app to grow your business and meet your sustainability goals.