The average online return rate is 18.1%, meaning out of 100 products purchased online, 18 are returned. This clearly indicates how critical returns are in the journey of an eCommerce business.

As we always say, returns are an inevitable aspect of running an online business. However, the right tool can do wonders for you! A returns management software such as EcoReturns by Saara that not only manages returns but also works for reducing returns can be a boon for your business. 

On the other hand, a lot of customer experience depends on how an online store handles returns. A poor return experience can lead to a lost customer for your business. Therefore, it’s extremely important to tie up with a returns management software that can take off the burden of handling returns and can optimize returns end-to-end for your online store. 

EcoReturns by Saara

EcoReturns by Saara is an intelligent returns management software, available on Shopify, that uses artificial intelligence to reduce the environmental and economic impact of returns and automates returns for online stores. It helps retailers analyze their returns, collect insightful data on returns, and improve customer experience with a branded return workflow.  

Access to key returns-related data such as return reasons, return rate, revenue lost to returns and more such parameters let sellers gather actionable insights to reduce returns. Sellers also get to offer exchanges and store credits to customers improving customer retention.  

With some of its unique features such as the Risk Assessment Model, sellers get the leverage to determine the risk of an order being returned. EcoReturns assesses multiple factors using AI that may lead to an order being returned. 

Now, we often get to hear “In case we don’t choose EcoReturns, which returns management software would you recommend for our Shopify store?” We are here to answer your question. Below listed are some of the top Shopify returns management apps (in no order of preference) that can be useful to streamline your returns- 


Returnly, found in 2014, aims to provide a positive returns experience to its customers. With features such as instant refund in the form of store credits and a branded returns page, the returns management app improves brand loyalty and increases repurchases. Returnly offers a suite of products that can be purchased individually or as a package. One can customize the suite as per his store’s needs and is a good option for larger brands that handle multiple returns in a day. 

Loop Returns 

Started in the year 2017, the major USP of Loop is to convert returns from a cost center to a profit center by re-engaging customers during return with exchange offers they cannot refuse. Loop has 4 parts to its suite – exchanges, refunds, logistics, and intelligence. It has got a pretty decent returns/exchange interface that can automate the entire returns process for eCommerce brands at the backend. 

Happy Returns

Starting back in the year 2015 as a chain of physical ‘return bars’ in America, it later announced that it would offer online returns portals for its merchants too. If you are someone who sells only in America and deals with multiple returns daily, Happy Returns Bar can be a good addition to your online store as it allows both return-in-store as well as online returns facilities for buyers. 

Now that we have shared with you some of the best returns management software on Shopify, it’s time for you to consider asking yourself the below questions before trying out a returns app- 

  • How can the returns management solution help me reduce the return rate? 
  • Does the software include a seamless returns portal that will ensure maximum customer satisfaction? 
  • Will the software provide me with crucial returns analytics that can help me understand my returns better? 
  • Does the software have enough integrations in place? 
  • Will the returns management software provide me with automated exchanges, refunds, and store credit options so that my customer gets the best returns experience? 
  • Does the software tell me about the orders that are at high risk of being returned so that I take apt measures to avoid them?  

EcoReturns as your Returns Management App 

Choosing EcoReturns as your returns management app will not only help you in reducing returns but also reduce the environmental impact of returns. With EcoReturns, you get to meet your sustainability goals along with attaining business profitability. With features such as returns analytics dashboard, AI-powered product tagging, fixing listing discrepancies, automated exchanges and refunds, store credits, and more, EcoReturns is determined to improve the entire eCommerce returns process for you and your customers.  

Install EcoReturns for free!

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