The past few months at Saara have been extremely eventful for the team as we added multiple features to EcoReturns and enhanced our UI drastically to offer you with reduced returns, a hassle-free returns process for you and your buyers. Let’s jump directly into all the additions we have made to EcoReturns in the month of February- 

Revamped Buyer Workflow for Returns and Exchanges

We care for your customers too, as much as we care for you! And that’s why we have completely revamped our consumer workflow for your buyers to have a seamless returns journey. Data suggests 80% of customers will come back to your online shop if the returns process is hassle-free.

With our new workflow, your shoppers will now be able to self-engage with your store and place returns and exchange requests in just a few clicks. Starting right from placing a return/exchange request to availing store credits, choosing the return reason that best fits him, uploading pictures of the item, and more, your buyer will now be in a stage to complete the entire returns journey independently. Here’s how you can enable the workflow on your store- 


  • Log in to your Shopify store 
  • Open EcoReturns app (already installed) 
  • Find your customer return portal under ‘your customer return portal’. 
  • Turn the toggle on to enable the link at the bottom of your website 
  • Contact us in case of portal customization request 

Verify Returned Items with Image Zoom feature 

Your customer must have uploaded the picture of the item while requesting a return/exchange on your portal. But how do you verify if the reason stated by him is true just by looking at the photo? To let you be doubly sure before accepting a return/exchange request, we have now enabled the feature to verify products with the ‘image zoom’ feature. Clearly identify missing tags, defects, stains, and more by zooming into the image to avoid any confusion. Here’s how you can do it- 

  • Log in to your Shopify store 
  • Open EcoReturns app 
  • Go to ‘Returns’ on the left side menu  
  • Click on ‘order number’ of the return/exchange request 
  • Hover your cursor over the image uploaded by your shopper to get a zoomed-in view

Multiple Integrations 

This month, we got a lot of integration requests from you all. Therefore, in the month of February, we have integrated with some of the top reverse logistics partners for you all – Shipstation, UPS, DHL Express, Shiphero, and Shippo. In case you want us to integrate with a partner of your choice, do let us know and we will get it done! Here’s how you can enable your integration partner- 

  • Log in to your Shopify store 
  • Open EcoReturns app 
  • Go to ‘Integrations’ under Settings on the left side menu 
  • Click on ‘Integrate’ for the partner of your choice 
  • Enter API credentials to log in and you’re done!

    Prevent Incentive Abuse with EcoReturns 

    There are all sorts of buyers out there! Some of them are genuinely interested in your brand, and some want to take advantage of your incentive mechanism. To prevent any kind of incentive abuse that may directly impact your bottom-line, we have launched our AI-powered fraud check feature. With this feature, never let another sham eat into your hard-earned profits. Here’s how to enable this for your store- 

    • Login to your Shopify store 
    • Open EcoReturns app 
    • Go to ‘Incentive Engine’ under Settings on the left side menu 
    • Check the box for ‘Add AI-powered fraud check to prevent abuse’.

    Enablement of Superior Return Policies for your Shopify Store 

    We understand the importance of having a strong return policy for your brand. The best kinds of return policies are those that are both customer-friendly and business-centric. That’s why we have now launched the feature of enabling superior return policies for your store.

    You can now allow return, exchange or bar products of your choice from returns or exchange. Whether you want to reject exchange requests for embroidered clothes or not allow return/exchange for delicate items from your catalog – the choice is now yours! Here’s how you can enable it- 

    • Login to your Shopify store 
    • Open the EcoReturns app 
    • Go to ‘Return Policy’ under settings on the left side menu 
    • Click on the ‘Add new policy’ 
    • Under parameters, select ‘product_tags’ 
    • Select from ‘equal’, ‘not equal or ‘contains’ 
    • Then select whether you want to allow/not allow a return, exchange for the product 
    • Hit ‘save policy.’

    Exchange Payment Collection for All Customers 

    We got a lot of requests from customers worldwide to enable them to collect exchange payments, and we implemented it! All merchants can now collect the price difference between the original item and the exchanged product in just a single click. Here’s how you can enable it for your store- 

    • Login to your Shopify store 
    • Open the EcoReturns app 
    • Click on ‘Exchanges’ under the settings menu on the left-hand side 
    • Enable ‘Collect price difference if it’s more than _’ 
    • Choose the amount you want to collect 
    • And you’re done! 

      That’s all for now. We hope these features make your returns handling much more hassle-free for you and your shoppers. Stay tuned for more such feature updates next month! 

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