Frequently Asked Questions

New to EcoReturns? Go through this guide to know more about the platform and our features.

Getting Started with EcoReturns

Is EcoReturns a free app?

Yes. However, to avail yourself of any of our advanced features, you would need to pay an additional cost. Contact the sales team to know more. 

How much time does it take for EcoReturns to be implemented and go live?

EcoReturns is extremely easy to install. Its plug-n-play feature allows merchants to get started under 5 minutes.

Can I customize EcoReturns as per my existing branding?

Yes. You can customize the return portal as per your brand guidelines.

How do I add the return center link to my Shopify store?

Login to your dashboard. Go to ‘Return portal’ under settings. Your customer return portal link would automatically be generated. Copy the link to embed it on your Shopify store.


What is your refund mechanism? Do you allow refunds for CoD orders?

We have a comprehensive refund mechanism for both sellers as well as shoppers. You can either choose to issue a refund to the original mode of payment, to store credit or let the shopper decide the mode of refund. Yes, we allow refunds for COD orders. 


What to do if my existing logistics partner is not integrated with EcoReturns?

We are integrated with some of the top logistics partners including Shippo, Shippigo, Shiprocket, and more. You can get in touch with us if you want us to integrate with your provider, and we will get it done!

Returns & Exchanges

How do I set up my return window?

It’s simple to set up your return window. Follow the steps below: 

  • Log in to your Shopify Store
  • Go to Apps and select EcoReturns app that you may have already installed. 
  • Select ‘Return Policy’ on the left side under settings
  • Click on ‘Add new policy’.  
  • Select ‘Return Window’ from the left side column.
  • Select the parameters you want to set along with the action on the right.  
  • Click on ‘Save Policy.’

I do not want to allow returns for international orders. Can I block them?

Yes. Simply go to ‘Return Policy’ and select ‘Country’ from the list of commonly used policies. You can then set the condition to not allow returns/exchange for international orders. 

How would I know if the shopper is stating the correct return reason or not?

For you to be doubly sure of the return reason stated by the customer, EcoReturns asks your shopper to click an image of the item while raising the request. You can then check out the image on your merchant dashboard by zooming into it.  
Go to the ‘Returns’ section on your dashboard > Click on order number > Hover on the image uploaded by the shopper to get a better view.

Can I allow exchange for all products in my catalog?

Yes. You can allow an exchange for all products.

Can I allow customers to exchange from similar size/ color variants?

Yes. You can allow customers to exchange from similar size/color variants.

How can I collect exchange price difference?

Go to your EcoReturns dashboard > Select ‘Exchanges’ under settings > Check the box for ‘Collect price difference if it is more than (select the amount)’.  

How can I collect exchange price difference?

Go to your EcoReturns dashboard > Select ‘Exchanges’ under settings > Check the box for ‘Collect price difference if it is more than (select the amount)’.  

How do I customize return reasons?

We understand every brand has unique needs. Therefore, EcoReturns lets sellers configure return reasons their own way. This is how you can do it- 
a) Login to your merchant dashboard 
b) Go to ‘Return Reasons’ under settings 
c) Click on ‘Add New’ 
d) Either select from the ‘Common reasons’ on the left or name your own reason 
e) Select whether you want return, exchange or collect pictures. 
F) You can ask further questions to dig deeper in to a reason of your choice. 

What if I want to offer only returns, no exchange or do not want to offer any for a particular product line?

You can do that! Go to your merchant dashboard. Click on the return policy and click on ‘Add new policy’. Name your policy and select ‘product tags’ under the parameter. You can then add the product tag you wish to set an action for. 

General Questions

Can EcoReturns help reduce returns?

Yes. EcoReturns enables online store owners to reduce returns by an average of 30%. 

How does EcoReturns reduce carbon footprint?

Each return triggers CO2 emissions equivalent to burning around 250 Kgs of coal. Our proprietary returns reduction features such as an AI-powered incentive engine, return risk assessment model, and more help Shopify store owners reduce returns, therefore, reducing their carbon footprint and contributing to a healthier environment. 

I am concerned that if I enable a return center, I will start getting more returns. What can be done about it?

Not allowing returns on your store can impact your business negatively. Nearly 55% of consumers come back to a store if the returns process is seamless. If you don’t allow returns on your store, you lose out on a big chunk of customers who probably would want to return an item but could not because of no returns process in place. On the other hand, if you handle returns manually it will spike your operational costs along with poor customer experience. Every customer, nowadays, wants to self-engage with your store – they want to return an item just how they purchased it in the first place.  

My return volume is very low, do I still need EcoReturns?

Yes. EcoReturns is for businesses of all sizes. Moreover, it’s free – therefore it won’t dig a hole in your pocket. Along with a customized returns portal in place, you get to improve customer retention and reduce your overhead costs by more than 80%. 

Can EcoReturns increase sales?

Yes. EcoReturns lets you offer an excellent customer experience when it comes to placing a return/exchange request. Happy customers = Increased sales.

Why should I choose EcoReturns over other competitive solutions?

You should choose EcoReturns over other competitive solutions because we offer you an end-to-end returns solution that both reduces and automates returns for your brand. Moreover, we do not monetize on your returns. 

My business gets a lot of RTOs, can EcoReturns help?

Yes. EcoReturns can help you with reducing RTOs. 

My business has Return fraud, can EcoReturns help?

Yes. Our AI-powered fraud prevention and risk assessment model can help reduce return fraud for your brand.

Does free plan have customer support included?

Yes. We provide customer support for all plans. 

How do store credits work?

In order to reduce returns for your business and to contribute to a more sustainable environment, we let you offer store credits to customers instead of a return. You can either offer a flat incentive to shopper to keep the item, certain % of the product value or certain % of the reverse logistics cost. You can contact us if you wish to enable AI-based incentivization for your store. 

How do I create shipping labels for customers? And, what if my customers don’t have printer to print label?

Once you receive a return request, open your EcoReturns dashboard. Click on the order ID of the return and go to ‘create shipping label.’ You need to have a label generation service integrated in order to successfully create the shipping label. 

If your customers don’t have a printer to print labels, we will get that done. Just contact us!


We will be happy to answer any queries you may have!

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