Reverse logistics has been lagging behind in the tech curve, until now! With nearly 55% of retailers complaining of high returns being a major challenge, there are several returns management applications that help reduce and automate returns for eCommerce businesses. Handling returns manually has now become a thing of the past. Processing every return manually and dealing with customers on a case-by-case basis can be expensive for your business operations and exhausting for customer service employees.  

Therefore, having efficient returns software is the most productive way to address the issue of high returns along with automating the entire returns/exchange process. But, before implementing a returns app to your system, you must lookout for the features below that can increase profits for your brand- 

Returns Reduction and Fraud Prevention Capability 

Look for a returns app that doesn’t just manage returns but reduces them too. Reducing returns will significantly improve your bottom-line, increase profits for your brand and help you meet your sustainability goals. Also, return fraud is being reported highly by merchants where shoppers either return used items or they abuse the incentives offered by sellers. It would be great to be partnered with a solution that can help reduce return fraud with intelligent mechanisms. EcoReturns by Saara uses AI to predict such risky orders and also prevents incentive abuse.  

Returns Analytics 

One of the most important metrics you must look out for in your returns app is a returns analytics dashboard. Analytics on product returns will equip you with actionable insights to reduce returns, improve product quality, understand your customer’s point of view and streamline your operations.  

For e.g., if your analytics show that the major reason why your customers are returning a t-shirt from your catalog is ‘did not match description’, you know the only way to reduce your returns is to update your product listing. You would want to go ahead and refine the description, add more visuals and provide accurate details so that customers don’t return for that reason. A returns analytics dashboard also gives you insights into what is the trend of your return rate, how much money went into returns, ratio of items exchanged, and items returned, and many more.  

With specialized returns apps such as Saara’s EcoReturns, you get all your returns analytics in a centralized dashboard updated real-time. 


This is another major feature your returns software must have – you should be allowed to offer exchanges to your shoppers. In brick-and-mortar stores, a shopper doesn’t need to decide whether they want to return or exchange a product until they are in a store talking to a sales rep. However, in eCommerce, if a customer wants a return, they are telling you that the item did not meet their expectations for some reason and want a refund. An exchange request on the other hand means he is satisfied with your product quality or buying experience but chose the wrong product.  

Therefore, it’s crucial for you to tie up with a platform that can let you convert returns into exchanges and let you avoid losses. You can either allow an exchange for all products or allow exchange only to the same product as a replacement, the choice should be yours! 

Customizable Return Policies 

No two brands’ return policies are the same. Each brand curates its own return policy as per its business requirements. Therefore, your returns partner must allow you to customize return policies according to your needs. Whether you don’t want to allow returns or exchanges for international orders or for custom items, the returns app must allow you to set up your own conditions. Once you are done with setting up your own return rules, it’s time for you to make your return policy your most powerful marketing tool. Many brands nowadays advertise ‘free’, ‘hassle-free’ returns and exchanges to increase conversions. But make sure while you’re doing that, you deliver your promise – and your returns management software will play a major role in getting it done for you, so choose wisely! 

Impeccable Customer Support 

Before tying up with a returns management app, do not forget to analyze their customer support. It’s extremely important for your returns partner to be proactive in answering any queries you might have at any time of the day – only then can you build a bond of trust. Good customer service will help you resolve issues faster for you as well as your shoppers, thus enhancing their purchase experience. Remember, a good customer experience from your partner will reduce your churn rate, improve retention and you are most likely to receive several other referral customers to your store. 


Check whether your returns solution allows you to offer incentives to your shoppers. Incentivization is a great way to reduce returns for your brand. Incentives in the form of store credits or letting your shopper keep a certain percentage of the product cost instead of a return will ultimately help you in protecting your bottom-line. It will also help you reduce your carbon footprint. You may ask how? Every return trigger CO2 emissions equivalent to burning 250 kgs of coal. Therefore, if you are reducing a return through incentivization, you are contributing to a more sustainable environment.  


Finally, your returns software should either be integrated into all the major logistics partners, or they must be proactive enough to get the integration partner of your choice onboard in no time. EcoReturns is already integrated with some of the top logistics partners, DHL Express, XpressBees, UPS, and more. In case a seller needs a different integration, he can contact us directly and we will get it done! 

Final Say 

There are several reverse logistics software you can choose from to help you with reduction and automation of the returns process. But choose the one that helps you save costs, increase profits and improve customer retention. EcoReturns by Saara lets retailers reduce returns by an average of 30% while saving up to 80% of operational costs – in an ecofriendly way. Get in touch with us to understand how we can help you manage your end-to-end returns process. 

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