We are excited to announce our partnership with Enalito – an AI-powered email marketing and personalization platform empowering eCommerce store owners to deliver personalized shopping experiences to buyers across all digital channels. Both Saara and Enalito are ready to revolutionize eCommerce with the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Read on to learn how Saara’s EcoReturns returns automation software and Enalito’s email marketing solutions can help your eCommerce business grow.


EcoReturns by Saara 

EcoReturns is a returns solution developed by Saara that uses behavioral science and machine learning to reduce the environmental and economic impact of eCommerce returns. EcoReturns is designed to prevent returns while protecting the bottom line and carbon footprint that returns have on the environment. Real-time analytics on returns provide merchants with data such as return rate, number of returns requested, revenue lost to returns, revenue saved by exchanges, returns by regions and more, allowing eCommerce brands to make data-driven decisions on how to reduce return rate and improve customer experience.


EcoReturns also provides online stores with a customized returns portal where one can offer exchanges to customers or store credits based on the returns policy rules or AI handling. With unique features such as the return risk assessment model, sellers can identify potential returns and exchanges at the time of order rather than at the time of the request. 

For returns that come back to the warehouse or online fulfillment center, Saara’s Quality Check App uses computer vision and machine learning to improve the speed and accuracy of product grading. Customers have experienced up to 80% savings in overhead from reduced processing time and handling costs in the warehouse. Quality Check automates the return inspection process through efficient reconciliation and assisted AI product grading, and creates an audit trail with reference images. 


All you Need to Know About Enalito 

Enalito can be considered to be an all-in-one solution for eCommerce stores helping store owners with marketing automation, smart segmentation and onsite personalization. Starting from sending personalized product recommendations to specific customer segmentation and changing web shops as per who’s visiting the online store, Enalito is all for increasing conversions and enhancing customer experience.


Nowadays, personalization is the key to gaining traction from customers. The strategy that is being followed by physical stores since time immemorial, is now being actively implemented in online stores. Apps like Enalito makes it possible for merchants to recommend such products to customers that they are already interested in using artificial intelligence, thus improving the conversion rate for stores.


For small and mid-sized e-commerce merchants, Enalito has developed an AI-powered app that solves the Choice Overload problem. When the Enalito app is installed on a web store, it helps eCommerce store owners to- 

a)      Understand the Shoppers; 

b)      Curate Laser Sharp Segments of Shoppers and Products; 

c)      Send personalized product recommendations and prices that lead to a dramatic increase in Conversion Rate for E-commerce Businesses. 


And yes all of this is entirely AUTOMATED! 

The partnership between Enalito and Saara is going to be beneficial to both the firms as well as for merchants selling online. While Enalito ensures increased conversion rate, Saara will provide you with a healthier bottom-line along with helping you meet your sustainability goals. Excited about this collaboration? Well, we certainly are! 


Looking to partner with us? 

Here are the types of partners we are looking for- 

Recommerce Partnership – With increasing enthusiasm for buying high-value second-hand items, it’s perfect to become our recommerce partner. Buy returned items at a huge discount and meet your sustainability goals. 

Reseller Partnership – Become our indirect sales force in 

return for a part of our revenue. Strengthen existing relationships with your clients by adding our returns management platform to their business

Logistics Partnership – Are you a logistics provider who takes measures to reduce carbon emissions?  Partner with us. Let’s establish joint initiatives to meet our respective sustainability goals. 

Content Partnership – Looking for a meaningful collaboration that results in a high reward? 

Let’s break into new audiences by cross-promoting content and success stories. 

Carbon Offset Partnership – If not us, who will compensate for the emissions made across the world? We give funds to carbon-certified partners and play our role in contributing to a sustainable environment. 

Donation Partnership – If you are looking to receive returned items as donations, associate with us as a  donation partner. We are looking forward to creating a positive change in society. 


 Do you resonate with our vision? If yes, become our partner and let’s revolutionize the eCommerce space together.