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Are you an eCommerce business owner who wants to understand returns better with real-time analytics? EcoReturns offers you AI/ML-powered features that can save you time, money, and improve your returns strategy.

EcoReturns for Shopify

Our free version includes everything you need to start reducing returns and enhancing customer experience


Our paid version enables sellers to access our powerful AI-ML technology used to return and automate eCommerce returns

Frequently Asked Questions


How to calculate my return costs?

Product returns can incur significant costs for online businesses. The cost of processing a return can be up to 50% of the product’s selling price. If you are receiving returns but aren’t sure how returns are impacting your balance sheet, we’ve created a handy online store returns calculator for you to calculate the cost of returns – Returns Calculator (

how does saara automate returns?

Saara’s AI-powered quality check app enables eCommerce businesses to automate the entire grading process where returns are checked for defects. AI automatically detects defects and the inputs given by the Quality Check app are pushed to the assessment dashboard in real-time, reducing human intervention and returns processing time. Download the quality check app here.

How will saara help me in reducing returns?

We, at Saara, use AI-ML-powered technology to prevent returns for eCommerce stores. Powerful features including returns analytics, review listener, store credit solution, risk assessment, etc help retailers reduce product returns by an average of 30%. For more details, click here.

how can I become a climate change warrior with Saara?

EcoReturns by Saara allows you to offer your customers store credits instead of a return, thus contributing to reduced emissions from the carrier the item might have traveled in. Our intelligent returns management platform enables sellers to prevent returns even before an order is placed making you a climate change warrior.