AI-powered Smart Returns Automation

Expedite the most laborious tasks in your returns process and save 100s of hours in handling returned items with Saara’s AI-powered returns automation solution


Reduction in operational costs


 Savings on product handling costs

24 hours

            Saved per person per week

Next-gen Returns Automation Solution

Computer Vision For Quality Inspection

Detect fake brands and identify defective product to check if right quality products have been returned. Ensure only QC pass returns are stocked back into the inventory

   Returns Forecasting

Deep integrations with platforms, marketplaces and logistics providers gives accurate forecasting for returns.

   Receipt Automation

Reduce human intervention from standard work by automatic reception of goods and inventory in your fulfillment center.

Single-view Dashboard

Keep track of all your returns, projected returns, return reasons, demographics, and many more data related to your products all under one dashboard

Branded Workflow

Saara’s returns automation solution will work under your brand name, thereby helping you in never losing your identity.

Performance and reporting

Saara tracks return and processing speed which helps improve staff performance. 

Steps We Take To Automate Returns

  Picture Collection
Logistics partner clicks a picture of the item at the customer’s doorstep with a mobile app. He inputs any product defects he sees on the app.
Quality Inspection
AI-powered quality inspection is performed automatically on the product to reduce any human errors
 Returns Automation Dashboard Updated
Seller gets informed once a product undergoes quality inspection on his dashboard, along with details such as type of item being returned, AI-analysis, colour of item, defects reported, etc.

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