All successful online brands have two things that they got right – a strong business sense and tech savviness. With an ocean of apps out there, while it has become easier to build a successful business, it can often get confusing. Online brands built on Shopify have the leverage to explore multiple apps that can help them create a profitable business that makes them stand out among the competition.  

In this article, we will take you through some of the top apps in Shopify you must check out to build your online store and drive profits. Developing an online store comes with a few specific functions that you need to follow in order to build a business – order management, returns management, marketing, shipping, upselling, and so on. While you can go ahead and build your store from scratch, we recommend leaving it to the experts. It will not only save you time, your work will be done in a much more professional manner. All you need to do is find the right app for your business, install it and that’s all! To help you find the best apps for your store, here we have listed down the ones which are definitely going to help scale your business- 

EcoReturns by Saara

EcoReturns by Saara is an AI-powered returns reduction and automation app that reduces returns for Shopify brands by an average of 30%, automates returns, and saves up to 80% of operational costs. EcoReturns gives you access to an all-in-one merchant dashboard where you get crucial data about your returns such as return rate, revenue lost to returns, return reasons by product type, and much more. Along with that, you can determine risky orders with the help of AI and reduce returns substantially.  

With EcoReturns, sellers can process an unlimited number of returns as we don’t charge for any item returned. EcoReturns provides you with a fully customized returns portal where you can offer exchanges to customers or store credits based on your returns policy. Get a branded returns portal in just a few clicks and enhance customer experience. 

Top features: 

  • AI-powered returns reduction 
  • AI-powered incentive system to reduce returns 
  • Returns analytics dashboard to understand your returns better 
  • Fully configurable return/exchange policies 
  • Integration with top logistics partners 
  • Comprehensive refund mechanism for both you and your shopper 
  • Sustainable approach to reduce returns 

PageFly Landing Page Builder 


With Pagefly landing page builder, you can publish high-quality pages for your online store and drive sales. The kind of pages you can create with the app is – sales landing pages, coming soon pages, product pages, pricing pages, collection pages, about us pages, contact us pages, FAQ pages, and blog pages. 

The app gives you access to an extensive element library, page sections to build your store pages, either based on design or a reference in mind. It also improves your page performance with lazy loading, global styling, and optimized code. It is the perfect app for your store in case you are looking to build a good-looking, customer-friendly storefront for your buyers.  

Top Features: 

  • Pre-made sections, holiday templates  
  •  Color Swatches, Animation, Slideshow, Tabs, Accordion, Image, Video, Product Options / Variants, Sticky Section, Hero Banner, Pagination, Lazy Loading, Parallex and more 
  • Reviews & Ratings, Badges & Seals 
  • Countdown Timer, Compare at Price, Low-in-stock, Animations 
  • HTML/Liquid, Javascript, CSS editor to make custom styling of your own. 
  • Integration with popular Shopify apps in many categories including reviews & ratings, subscription, email marketing, push notifications, upsell & cross sell, order tracking… 


Tidio ‑ Live Chat & Chatbots 

Tidio is a customer service platform that combines live chat, chatbots, email, messenger, and Instagram to communicate with buyers of your Shopify store. You can get in touch with your buyers and provide real-time support to boost sales.  

Tidio allows you to use bots to address customer queries and reclaim abandoned carts. In turn, this feature will enable you to upsell and react to customer behaviors.  

The app gives you access to an extensive element library, page sections to build your store pages, either based on design or a reference in mind. It also improves your page performance with lazy loading, global styling, and optimized code. It is the perfect app for your store in case you are looking to build a good-looking, customer-friendly storefront for your buyers.  

Top features:  

  • Integrates with various communication channels 
  • Rich widget customization options 
  • Chatbots offer 24/7 customer support 
  • Improved sales conversation through total customer engagement 
  • Automatic product information via chatbots 


Printful: Print on Demand 

Printful is an on-demand drop shipping and warehouse service that lets Shopify stores sell custom print, embroidery and engraving merchandise. They take care of the entire fulfillment process including printing, packing, and shipping the orders under your brand name.  

Printful is a more sustainable choice for print on demand sector. With print on demand production, each item is printed only when a customer buys from you, which eliminates dead stock. They aim to reduce waste and carbon emission and offer more eco-friendly products and packaging.

Top Features: 

  • Built-in tools: You don’t need any design skills to create stunning design, product mockups or build your brand logo.  
  • Printful takes care of end-to-end fulfillment of products 
  • Choose from high-quality premium products 
  • With Printful, you can offer your customers designs they can personalize directly on your store. 


 helps Shopify store owners display star rating and reviews about your products and online store. It lets you create both photo and video reviews for free! Their review widgets and email are available in 34 languages and you can customize your customer-facing front easily.

    Top Features: 

    • Get product reviews with text, photos and videos in free plan 
    • Product reviews in Google Shopping to improve your conversion rates and CTR 
    • 24/7 customer support via email and chat 
    • Automatic social push to Facebook and Twitter 
    • Customize review emails as per your brand guidelines 


    Free Shipping Bar 

    What could be nicer than free shipping? With Free Shipping Bar by Hextom, you get one of the best Shopify apps to boost your sales. Particularly, Free Shipping Bar allows you to highlight products that qualify for free shipping. For instance, this app allows you to upsell customers by establishing a minimum purchase amount that qualifies for free shipping. This Shopify app has a holiday theme, though you can customize it for year-round sales campaigns.

    Top Features: 

    • Display free shipping offer in a slide out and customizable bar 
    • Track the performance of each bar, so you know which free shipping goals generate the most sales 
    • Auto-detect visitors local currencies and convert the free shipping amount with real-time exchange rates 
    • Everything on the bar is customizable to fit your store style

    Personalized Recommendations by 

    Personalized recommendations by Glood generates personalized recommendations for buyers of your store using a proprietory algorithm. It also allows store owners to manually configure recommendations to meet specific needs. The app uses AI-ML-powered technology to show users the right product at the right time to increase conversions. You can also add unlimited Widgets on any page to show Dynamic & Personalized Product Recommendations. This Shopify app also lets you keep track of revenue generated by recommendations; visitors and their actions using its analytics. 

    • Page Configuration & Widgets 
    • Keep track of revenue generated by Recommendations; visitors and their actions using their analytics. 
    • Manual 1-1 Product Recommendations 
    • Custom Templates 


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