Many eCommerce businesses are of the impression that they can handle returns manually, either by appointing a customer care executive who can take return requests by calls or through a simple address. But in the interim, most of them unintentionally compromise on the shopper’s experience. Data suggests, nearly 80% of customers will come back to your store if your returns process is hassle-free. And one of the simplest ways to make returns hassle-free for shoppers is by letting them self-engage with your returns portal.  

In this article, we will tell you about the top 5 reasons why you absolutely should not handle returns manually if you want to increase profits and protect your bottom-line from overburdening return requests- 


Manual Handling of Returns is Time-Consuming and Costly 

If you are handling returns manually, you have either appointed a team to take care of return requests or you are doing it on your own. How much time is it taking up in your day? As a business owner, you must be focusing on other major facets of running your business such as marketing, product development and so on – not returns management! Manual handling of returns increases your labor costs by almost 50% as you pay the employees you have hired to manage return requests. Overall, it is not only consuming a lot of time (which eventually leads to poor customer experience), but also burning a hole in your pocket. 


Lack of Crucial Information 

If returns are handled manually (either via mail or calls), shoppers can request returns without even giving a reason. Even if they do, you wouldn’t have a proper system in place to gather information on which reasons are getting you the most number of returns. With manual returns handling, you do not have the scope to tailor appropriate requests that warrant returns, which will eventually create a tough situation between you and your shopper. Moreover, manual handling of returns doesn’t provide you crucial returns analytics data such as – how much revenue you have lost to returns, returns by categories, returns by demography and many more. And if you train your employees to gather all this information, you go back to point 1! 


Poor Customer Experience 

There is a direct correlation between manual returns handling and poor customer experience. In the 21st century, your shoppers are always on the lookout for self-engaging platforms. They want to return a product just how they shopped for it. Asking them to send an email in case they want to return or call a customer care number is a turn-off for your shoppers. Moreover, calls or emails do not give an option for quick refunds. Customers may get impatient and need to get an instant refund. In such situations, manual returns handling worsens the already delicate situation leading to poor customer experience.


Limited Scope to Optimize Return Policies 

If you are handling returns manually, there is very limited scope left for you to optimize your return policy. Even if you do, how will you communicate the same to all your customers? Having a returns management solution in place that automates your returns process, offers you with a returns portal for your store, exchanges, instant refunds, integrations with multiple logistics partners is going to be an ultimate boon for your online store. 

So, what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to manual returns handling and automate your returns process end-to-end with EcoReturns. We are an AI-powered returns management software that enables eCommerce businesses not just to manage returns but reduce them too. Avail features such as risk assessment of orders, returns and exchange portal, intelligent incentivization, configuration of return policy as per your store needs and much more to reduce and automate returns. Schedule a demo with us to learn more. 

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