AI powered reverse logistics automation

AI powered reverse logistics automation to save 100s of hours in handling returns and inventory


All our solutions have following unique things.

Branded Workflows

Solutions that work under your brand identity.

Integrate with your WMS, ERP & SCM Systems

Seamless connect your inventory management system or logistics provider with Saara for maximum visibility and efficiency.

No upfront investment

  • Doesn’t require special hardware.
  • Works on a standard camera.
  • A cloud-based system

Product Match

Product match

Identify if you are indeed shipping or receiving correct product. Save over 80% of hours

Reduce errors in forward and reverse logistics with our image recognition technology.

Grade the product in Fresh, 2nds or Recycle. Recover lost revenues

Quality Inspection

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Unload Optimizer

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Improve your load unload efficacy with Unload optimizer, Speed up your operations Also avoid "Out of stock" issues

Save package handling time by over 90% with our AI powered label reading.

Freight forwarder

Receipt Automation

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Save labor from standard work by automatic reception of goods and inventory

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