Learn about when the highest volume of return requests are sent to online stores. 


National Returns Day (US)


Returns day has its roots in America, as UPS found the highest volume of returned goods happens every year after the holidays. For online retailers, this is a step backwards after all of the excitement and increased sales that occur during the holidays. While most retailers heavily focus on preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, little attention has been paid to preparing for National Returns Day. 


International Returns Day

Post-holiday product returns are a worldwide phenomenon. Regardless of which holidays are celebrated, gifting is at its peak at the end of the year. Many companies award bonuses and corporate gifts, which fuels spending and increased gifting. While gifts from the heart have good intentions, many gifts are unwanted and therefore returned. International Returns Day recognizes the high volume of eCommerce returns that crop up following retail’s year-end sales boom. 

When is Returns Day?

While some define Returns Day as a variable date when eCommerce returns reach their peak every year, we define Returns Day as January 2nd. January 2nd is the first day after the New Year Holiday, and the beginning of Returns Week. Within the first week of the New Year, shoppers and gift receivers tend to initiate their eCommerce returns. That said, as retailers increase flexibility in their holiday returns policies, the volume of returns may be spread across the first week of January or even the entire month – essentially making January every year Returns Month. 

How To Prepare for Returns Day

Online stores should integrate returns day planning into Black Friday and Cyber Monday strategy.  Outsourcing your returns management to a third party which is already experienced in the field is also a great way to handle product returns during the returns week. Intelligent returns management platform like Saara can not only help you in forecasting returns for your eCommerce store, but also help in reducing and automating returns. 

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