Like we always say, product returns are an inevitable aspect of running an eCommerce business. But what makes you stand out from your peers is how you handle returns. You can either turn returns into a profit center for your business, or you can let it eat into your profits – the choice is yours! One of the easiest ways to turn returns into a profit center is by having a return and exchange portal on your store.  

You might think you can resolve any return requests manually by email or phone, but have you thought about the hours it will take up from your schedule in resolving the issues of your customers? Even if you’re processing only a few returns in a month, it’s always much beneficial for you to set up a returns and exchange portal. Here’s how it can help your online store grow-

Know your Customers and Products Better 

A returns and exchange portal will not only let you understand your customers better but also will put focus in areas where you can improve your products. AI-powered intelligent returns management solutions such as EcoReturns by Saara lets you analyze reasons why your customers are returning a product and segments each reason with relevant percentages. This helps you understand whether your product has an issue, or you need to work on your packaging or size or you need to change your delivery partner. Can you image how much time it will take if you did all of it manually?

Customers Prefer Ease 

Customers always prefer ease over complicated processes. A returns and exchange portal on your website will make it easier for your customers to place a return/exchange request, thus enhancing his/her shopping experience with your online store. The portal can actually act as a new revenue source for your business as customers who receive a good return and exchange experience can become your repeating customer. 

Encourage Exchanges over Refunds 

The cost of a return isn’t just the customer overhead you’re willing to go through while you’re new in business. It’s the time and effort it takes to process the return, as well as the inefficient logistics that end up with refunds. 

A good return & exchange portal will provide a seamless experience for your customers, which will encourage them to make exchanges and pick the new product instantly which simply is not possible with manual email support. 

EcoReturns by Saara offers Shopify store owners, eCommerce businesses and D2C brands with fully customised returns and exchange portal where you can set up your own return window, offer returns, refunds, exchanges and store credits to customers. Advanced version of EcoReturns lets you determine any risk associated with an order and warns you of a return. This can reduce your returns by an average of 50%.  

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