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Reduce the economic and environmental impact of eCommerce returns using Artificial Intelligence

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Selling on Shopify, Bigcommerce, or Amazon?

Saara is an omnichannel returns solution that integrates seamlessly into any of your sales channels

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End-to-end Returns Management & Automation

From actionable insights to efficient quality inspection, Saara is designed to reduce overhead costs and improve quality

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Improvement in Order Quality


Reduction in Returns


Savings in Labor Cost


Gain in Returns Visibility

Intelligent Returns Reduction and Automation Platform

Fix the Root Cause Before Fixing the Symptoms

Leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to gather actionable insights about returns. 

Identify specific return reasons, improve product quality, and access high-level metrics showing the true financial impact of returns on your business. 

With analytics in your fingertips, you can make immediate changes to reduce your return rate and boost customer retention.



Preventing Returns to Protect the Bottom-line and the Environment

Return Risk Assessment

Assess 55 factors using AI that may lead to an order being returned. Prevent returns in real time as soon as an order is placed

Incentive Engine

Encourage customers to retain the product instead of a return with features such as store credits, and increase customer loyalty

Action on Reviews

Scan customer reviews with Review Listener to create actionable insights on why customers are returning products that are often NOT mentioned in the returns process

Ecoreturns - returns management software

Returns Analytics

Access key returns analytics such as return reasons, average number of monthly returns, revenue lost to returns and more in a central dashboard updated real time

Data-Driven Returns Strategy

Use analytics to make informed decisions about returns policies, product mix decisions, and drive the bottom line

Sustainable Approach

Reduce carbon footprint by focusing on returns prevention rather than returns management alone.

Instant Time Savings with Automated Quality Inspection

Are your warehouse employees spending 1/3rd of their day on grading process? Reduce time spent on quality inspection,
create an audit trail and improve accuracy with our AI-powered quality check app. The QA team in warehouses is equipped
with the tools to automatically identify potential defects in items reducing operational costs by a high margin.

Why Choose Us

Seamless Integration

Saara integrates with 40+ major marketplaces and logistics providers

Trusted by Leading Omnichannel Retailers Across the Globe

Backed By Leading Venture Capital & Fortune 100 Companies

Learn how to reduce returns and the costs associated with returns

A complete guide on managing returns for eCommerce businesses