Still Looking For An Ordinary Returns Management Software?

Now no more! Get the power of AI and ML in the first ever returns management software that REDUCES, AUTOMATES and MANAGES returns for eCommerce brands.
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Trusted By Hundreds of Omnichannel Brands

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Backed By Leading Venture Capital & Fortune 100 Companies

Building Disruptive eCommerce Solutions to Scale Online Brands


The only returns management software that automates and reduces returns while minimizing your carbon footprint. Increase profits, protect your bottom-line, and meet your sustainability goals with EcoReturns.


Reduction in Returns


Savings on Labor Costs

Plug-n-Play Model

Go Live in 5 Minutes

Why Choose Us

Customer Experience & Business Profitability

With Saara, you don’t need to choose between providing a top-class customer experience and business profitability. We ensure both for you.

Climate Change Warrior

We don’t reduce returns only to help businesses but also to reduce wastage and carbon emissions.

We Don’t Make Money Out of Returns

We like to align our goals with yours. Returns are already a loss for you, we don’t charge for any product returned.

Seamless Integration

Saara integrates with 40+ major marketplaces and logistics providers

Our Shopify Reviews

Really good app. It’s allowed us to scale and is definitely the best option currently available on the Shopify app store.
- Jyntra

Top notch support. Very quick response with actual solutions to the business problems. The development of the app seems to be very active with new features on the way in response to particular business needs.

I like this app as it supports unlimited returns, while others charge for every return. I can grow my business without worrying about cost shooting up when returns go up

- Elby

Saara Joins Forbes NEXT 1000

Learn How to Prepare your Online Store to Handle Returns

An A-Z Guide to Manage Returns Efficiently to Increase Profitability and Boost Customer Retention

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