Beware of Returns Fraud!

…a costly problem for online brands. It occurs when a customer abuses the return policy to return items that are not actually defective to receive a refund or exchange. Prevent returns fraud by flagging such customers  with the powerful AI engine of EcoReturns.

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Common Types of Returns Fraud


When customers buy an item with the intention of using it once and then returning it.

Counterfeit Returns

When customers return counterfeit or fake items instead of the original product.

Return of Used Items

When customers return items that have been used or damaged, claiming that they are defective.

Stop Fraud in its Tracks and Protect your Profits...

Our AI-powered Returns Fraud Detection system flags suspicious return and exchange requests alongwith possible reasons. Get suggestions on how you can prevent the fraudulent activity right on your dashboard. Some of the fraudulent activities that our system identifies for you:

Shield your Business Against Returns Fraud with EcoReturns!