Reduce Customer Returns' Costs by 2X

Improve your bottom line and reduce costs associated with returns with the power of an AI-driven incentive engine and converting them into exchanges.

customer returns

AI-Powered Incentive Engine to Reduce Returns

Reduce your returns-associated costs, and build a loyal customer base by incentivizing customers with either a flat incentive or a maximum percentage of product value to keep a product instead of returning. 

Encourage exchanges over returns

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Promote an exchange-centric approach over a ‘refund-first’ mentality by offering incentives to customers each time they opt for an exchange instead of a return.

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Cut returns with empathy: Our ChatGPT-powered returns widget puts your customers first.

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Engage with customers with our ChatGPT-powered returns widget just like a human, offering empathetic support and incentives to reduce returns. Proactively address customer concerns, leading to a substantial decrease in return rates and fostering lasting customer satisfaction.

Prevent fraudulent returns

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Our AI-powered Returns Fraud Detection system flags suspicious return and exchange requests alongwith possible reasons. Get suggestions on how you can prevent the fraudulent activity right on your dashboard.

Take action now to minimize your customer returns costs and maximize your profits