Let’s Grow Together.

A value-based partner ecosystem focused on contributing to a sustainable environment while reducing product returns for omnichannel brands. Choose from the list of partnership
below that best fits you.

saara partnership

Choose the Partnership Model that Meets your Goals

Recommerce Partnership

With increasing enthusiasm for buying high-value second-hand items, it’s perfect to become our recommerce partner. Buy returned items at a huge discount and meet your sustainability goals.

Reseller Partnership

Become our indirect sales force in
return for a part of our revenue. Strengthen existing relationships with your clients by adding our returns management platform to their business.

Logistics Partnership

Are you a logistics provider who takes measures to reduce carbon emissions?  Partner with us. Let’s establish joint initiatives to meet our respective sustainability goals.

Content Partnership

Looking for a meaningful collaboration
that results in a high reward?
Let’s break into new audiences by cross-promoting content and success stories.

Carbon Offset Partnership

If not us, who will compensate for the emissions made across the world? We give funds to carbon-certified partners and play our role in contributing to a sustainable environment.


Donation Partnership

If you are looking to receive returned items as donations, associate with us as a  donation partner. We are looking forward to creating a positive change in society.


Saara is an intelligent returns management platform that uses AI, ML to help e-commerce brands reduce the economic and environmental impact of product returns.