Save several hours by automating product refunds

50% of customers requesting a refund are unhappy with the time it takes to process the refund. Save your time and make your customers happy by automating the entire refund process. 

product refunds

Automate refund deductions

Streamline your operations by automating deductions for additional costs such as reverse shipment fees, restocking fees, and taxes from refunds. Enjoy smoother transactions and enhanced efficiency for your online store!

Flexible refund options as per your customer's preference

Issue Refund (1)

You can issue refunds to your customers in the form of store credit, payout link (in case of cash-on-delivery orders), the mode chosen by the customer or simply to the original mode of payment.

Issue Refund (3)

Increase repeat purchases by issuing refunds as store credits in multiple forms

Issue Refund (3)

Issue store credit refunds to your customers in the form of:

Discount coupon

Increase repeat purchase by sending a one-time usable discount code to your customers which they can use for future purchases in your store

Gift card code

Issue refunds/credits to your customers in the form of a new gift card every time they request a refund.

Gift card wallet

Increase chances of redemptions by issuing refunds/credits to your customers in the form of a single gift card code that gets automatically updated each they get a refund.

Free up your operations team and save money with an end-to-end product refunds automation flow