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AI-powered eCommerce Loyalty Platform

A modern-day group loyalty solution that not only helps you retain top customers, but also acquire new shoppers.

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Loyalty works best when done together

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partner brands

Find and join hands with other stores to maximize reach and enhance loyalty by running a group loyalty program

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Reward customers for good shopping behavior and creating user generated content.

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Let AI automatically give more points and rewards to high-value customers

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Work with agencies to find more partners and rewards.

Unique Features

Group Loyalty

Partner with other stores to run a joint loyalty program and increase chances of redemptions while acquiring new shoppers

Branded Loyalty Page

Create a branded loyalty page and embed it on your website to raise awareness of your loyalty program and increase redemptions.

AI-Powered Tier System

Reward loyalty points to shoppers based on VIP levels determined by AI

Loyalty Widgets

Add on-site widgets of your loyalty program so that your customers can easily access your loyalty program and increase redemptions of loyalty points.


Notify customers through different channels regarding their existing points, reminders to redeem points and much more.


Boost your loyalty program by joining WyseMe to list your store, give rewards to shoppers, and launch on-site campaigns to attract top shoppers.

CoLoyalty for SMBs

If your customer acquisition cost is higher than your customer lifetime value, you are losing money with each acquired customer. Become a part of CoLoyalty to lower your CAC significantly while improving customer retention.

Improve cost efficiency

Enhance customer retention

Save money

At your scale, it's important to keep cost under control and grow profitably.

Go Sustainable

At your scale, it's important to encourage and reward good shopping behavior.

CoLoyalty for Enterprises

Customers are more likely to become a part of a loyalty program that offers them rewards across multiple brands.

Join CoLoyalty and run AI-based group loyalty including all brands in your portfolio or solo loyalty with benefit of lower CAC.

Create more value & choice for customers

Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs

CoLoyalty for Marketing Agencies

Deliver more value to the brands in your portfolio by running a single loyalty program and helping each brand acquire new customers while retaining the exisiting ones.

Increase brand visibility

Comprehensive marketing solutions

Serve Better

Run joint loyalty program for your customers under your brand name

Why CoLoyalty
The right ecommerce loyalty platform for your store can change the game!
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CoLoyalty Pricing

For SMBs


Unlimited Orders


of order value from old and new customers respectively

You will only be billed for sales influenced by loyalty

For Enterprises


Unlimited orders


of order value for all influenced sales for both old and new customers

You will be billed a discounted commission for sales influenced by loyalty

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