AI-Suite For eCommerce Startups

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Qualifying Terms


Your eCommerce startup has raised less than 1M in funding


Your eCommerce startup makes less than $500k in revenues


Your online store has not used any of our solutions in the last 3 months

Boost profits with AI for your ecommerce startup by solving key challenges.


Use AI to cut returns by 30% with our 3-layered solution, boosting profits by reducing return costs.

Conversion Rate

Boost conversions by providing personal support to your customer with LLM-powered modules


Boost the CLTV of your most valuable customers with an AI-powered tier system


Save shipping costs and centrally manage all shipping activities with AI.

Returns Management Solution

Save time, money, and operational costs for your online store with an AI-powered returns management solution

returns solution
loyalty program software

AI-powered Group Loyalty Program Software

A modern-day group loyalty solution that allows you to collaborate and make the most out of customer loyalty, retention and acquisition.

AI Sales Assistant for Online Stores

Turn visitors into customers with the world’s first ChatGPT-powered sales assistant, which converses like a human and is available 24/7 to assist your customers with their purchases.

AI-Powered Shipping Software

An all-in-one AI-powered e-commerce logistics solution with the widest coverage and lowest rates.

All you need to scale your eCommerce startup & boost revenues!