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Solo loyalty programs often fail! Either because of fewer rewards, or they aren’t much interested in the limited rewards. Explore how we help online brands retain valuable shoppers with the power of joint loyalty

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Why do most solo loyalty programs fail?

Nature of product

Products like furniture, jewelry, and wristwatches are not everyday items and are bought less frequently.

Forgetting loyalty points

Customers may forget about the loyalty points they've earned.

Lack of intent to repurchase

Some customers may not have the intention to buy from the same store again.

Solo loyalty vs Joint loyalty

Choose the best eCommerce loyalty program for your online store

Solo loyalty programs
Joint loyalty programs

Improve customer retention

Join hands with other partner brands or create your own loyalty program by connecting multiple stores. 

How do you benefit
How do your shoppers benefit

Offer higher rewards to your valuable shoppers with AI-driven tier system

Giving loyalty points only for how much someone spends isn’t the best! Instead, give different rewards based on each shopper’s behavior. Award higher loyalty points to your most valuable shoppers based on multiple parameters.

Loyalty works best when done together!

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