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with the first-ever AI and ChatGPT-powered returns solution for online brands. Reduce costs, maximize efficiency and transform returns into a strategic advantage for your online store.

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Reduce and automate returns with the first-ever AI and ChatGPT-powered returns solution. Encourage exchanges and retain your revenue.

Why are Returns a Problem for D2C Brands?

Financial Impact

Returns have a significant impact on profit margins and revenue if not handled well. Last year, out of the $1.3 trillion in online sales registered in the country, 16.5% ended up as returns.

High Operational Costs

Manual handling and processing of returns result in added operational costs for brands. Completing the workflow for a single return manually can take up to 1 week. This extended TAT, coupled with high resource costs, leads to brands paying double compared to what they would invest in an automated returns solution.

Fraudulent Returns

According to National Retail Federation, for every $100 in returned merchandise accepted, brands lose $10.40 to return fraud. Fraudulent returns not only affect revenue but also disrupts inventory management.

Poor Customer Experience

Your customers are already unhappy while they are returning a product! So, why not offer them a smooth returns process so that they keep coming back to your store? 84% of online shoppers are less likely to shop again with a brand after a poor returns experience.

Grow with EcoReturns

Returns are inevitable in the eCommerce industry. But the key to not let returns impact your revenue lies in handling them intelligently. EcoReturns helps you be smart with returns and also environmentally sustainable.

3-Layered Returns Reduction

A 3-layered returns reduction technology ensures you scale your brand by cutting down returns-associated costs


Apply as many automation rules as you want and reduce customer queries and TAT significantly. 

ChatGPT Returns

Use the power of ChatGPT to provide a human-like experience to shoppers to return their products and enhance customer satisfaction.

AI-Powered Fraud Prevention

Prevent returns fraud by flagging risky customers and returns  with the powerful AI engine of EcoReturns.

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