loyalty program for ecommerce

Acquire top customers in 3 simple steps.

Connect your store, offer exciting gift cards to high-value shoppers, and get a pool of top customers for your online store with world’s first-ever AI-powered loyalty program for ecommerce brands

Connect your store

Enter your store credentials to get started with WyseMe such as email, store URL, etc.

Create your campaign to generate exciting offers for your shoppers.

Make your campaign more effective by setting your target audience based on demography.

Connect your store with Wyse.me

Acquire top shoppers

AI engine of WyseMe awards points to shoppers with good shopping behavior – shopper who shops more and returns less!

Offer exciting gift cards to shoppers that they can use to buy from your store his Wyse points.

Congratulations! You have acquired the top shoppers for your store. Wyse.me helps you award higher points to more responsible shoppers.

Wyse.me awards points to shoppers

Earn Rewards

Get rewarded every time your customers redeems his Wyse points on partner stores.

Earn Rewards

Is my data safe?

Your data is absolutely safe with us. It is highly encrypted and never shared with anyone else.

How does WyseMe bill merchants?

We believe in a conversion-only model! You will be charged only when a shopper uses your gift card to make a purchase.

How can you earn more rewards?

Get double the rewards by using EcoReturns as your returns app for your online store.

A unique customer acquisition channel...

See how WyseMe stands against your existing customer acquisition channels and helps you grow your profits and bottom-line


Triggers long-term customer relationship

Search/Social Media

Triggers impulse purchase