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Reduce CAC, drive conversions, and loyalty with the first-ever AI-powered customer acquisition platform that helps brands reduce costs and acquire top shoppers. We call it WyseMe!

Reduce Customer Acquisition

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Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs Today…

Increase Profits by reducing customer acquisition.

Increase Profits

Increase profitability by reducing your CAC, and reinvest the savings into other areas of business.

Improve ROI by reducing customer acquisition

Improve ROI

Generate more revenue per customer, compared to the amount spent on acquiring them.

Grow your Customer Base by reducing customer acquisition

Grow your Customer Base

Lower CAC and acquire more customers for the same amount of money with WyseMe.

Trusted by Top Direct-to-Consumer Brands

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Trusted by Top Direct-to-Consumer Brands
WyseMe - An AI-powered customer acquisition channel.

What is WyseMe?

WyseMe is a unique AI-powered customer acquisition channel that helps online brands reduce CAC, acquire top-quality shoppers and improve repeat rate. 

Retaining a customer is 10X cheaper than acquiring a new customer, yet most brands spend thousands of dollars in acquisition – this needs to change!  And the change is here at WyseMe…

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