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Frequently Asked Questions

How does WyseMe work?

1. Wyse points on shopping - Shoppers earn Wyse points on shopping from participating stores on 2. The AI engine of WyseMe grades shoppers based on multiple parameters and decides how valuable they are. 3. Shoppers redeem the Wyse points to purchase gift cards from participating stores in, helping brands acquire and retain top shoppers.

Does WyseMe offer any other marketing channel except gift cards redemption?

Yes! With WyseMe you can also run multi-channel campaigns, create your own brand page and backlinks. For more information on this, get in touch with us by filling the form above.

What is the difference between running campaign on WyseMe and on social media?

You pay very high taxes while running ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. This leads to higher costs and lower competitiveness. Moreover, running ads on social media does not guarantee you quality shoppers. On the other hand, WyseMe helps you acquire the cream of shoppers with good shopping behaviour at affordable costs.

How can I increase website traffic and attract more visitors to my online store?

This blog talks about all the useful techniques to help you attract more traffic to your website.

What are the most effective strategies for improving conversion rates?

Here are a few ways to improve your website conversion rate: 1. Use compelling CTAs 2. A streamlined checkout process 3. Perform A/B testing 4. Social proof 5. Exit intent pop-ups 6. More reward programs like WyseMe 7. Personalization 8. User friendly navigation.

What's the pricing of WyseMe?

To learn more about pricing here, get in touch with us by filling the form above.