SalesGPT Pricing Guide

Boost conversions and increase sales with pricing plans suited to brands of all sizes.


Enjoy the flexibility of paying only for the conversations that happen, making it suitable for businesses with varying needs and usage levels.
  • FREE - Upto 10 conversations
  • $0.2 per conversation - 11-100 conversations
  • $0.15 per conversation - 101-1000 conversations
  • $0.12 per conversation - 1001+ conversations


For brands with greater requirements, please feel free to contact u. We will address your specific needs with a custom package tailored to suit your brand
  • Engage with higher volume of conversations
  • Round-the-clock assistance with dedicated support
  • Get access to advanced features
  • Tailor SalesGPT to work seamlessly with your preferred platforms and tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SalesGPT?

SalesGPT is a ChatGPT-powered sales person for online brands that helps shoppers with product discovery, smart recommendations and much more.

How does SalesGPT get trained?

SaleGPT gets automatically trained on any ecommerce store by collecting and preprocessing relevant data, understanding the products you sell, and finally deploying it for real-time interactions with customers.

What kind of questions can SalesGPT answer?

SalesGPT can answer questions related to any products in your catalog. It can give shoppers sizing and colour ideas, compare products, and even give general & policy-related information about your store.

How does SalesGPT keep up-to-date with new products and changes in our inventory?

SalesGPT automatically updates its knowledge base by continuously monitoring and analyzing your ecommerce store's inventory. It stays up-to-date with new product additions, changes in product information, and any updates you make to your catalog.

Can I test response of SalesGPT before going live on website?

Yes, after installing salesGPT you can move it to Test mode. With that, you can access and try it before making it available to your shoppers.

Which version of ChatGPT does it use?

SalesGPT uses GPT-3.5.

Can I customize SalesGPT?

Yes you can - right from your dashboard! You can customise the personality of your salesman, brand tone to fit your brands tonality. 

Can SalesGPT handle complex product inquiries and technical questions?

Yes, SalesGPT is equipped to handle a wide range of product inquiries, including more complex and technical questions. It will automatically train itself on various product data and can provide detailed information about features, specifications, and functionality of the products in your catalog.

Can SalesGPT assist with personalized product recommendations based on customer preferences?

Absolutely! SalesGPT is designed to provide smart recommendations tailored to each customer's preferences and browsing history. By understanding their interests and past interactions, SalesGPT can suggest products that are likely to appeal to individual customers, enhancing their shopping experience.