Quality Shoppers Matter...

Acquire and Retain the top 10% of online shoppers for your store. Drive conversions for your D2C brand with WyseMe!

Acquire Quality Shoppers

How Wyse.me can help

Acquire shoppers, not clicks
Acquire shoppers, not clicks!

Wyse.me is not a pay-per-click platform! It instead helps you acquire long-term customers with responsible shopping behavior.

Improve Repeat Rate

Offer personalized recommendations and engaging experiences to keep customers coming back to your store.

Reduce CAC

Reduce CAC by half with WyseMe and increase profits by reinvesting the savings into other areas of business.

How Wyse.me can help

Acquire shoppers, not clicks!

Focusing too much on high click-through-rates while running social media ads? With Wyse.me, acquire real shoppers, not just clicks!

Earn referral bonus!

Why just spend money on customer acquisition when you can earn money while acquiring high-value customers? 

Encourage sustainable shopping behaviour!

Encourage shoppers to shop more and return less with Wyse.me. Contribute to a sustainable environment by reducing carbon footprint associated with returns.

Getting high quality buyers for our store will be really helpful. If I can acquire buyers at lower CAC, and also as they are quality buyers, Wyse.me surely is a great product to try out. Eagerly waiting for this one.

Satwik, Online Store Owner

See how easy it is to acquire top shoppers for your store.

Reaching wise customers is now easier than ever. Get shoppers with top-class shopping behavior in just a few simple steps:

Get high quality buyers with Wyse.me
Wyse.me supports stores built with any eCommerce platform.

Designed to work with any platform.

Built your store on Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento or any other platform? Wyse.me supports stores built with any eCommerce platform.

A unique customer acquisition channel...

See how Wyse.me stands against your existing customer acquisition channels and helps you grow your profits and bottom-line


Get top customers without burning a hole in your pocket

Search/Social Media

Get customers by running ads on multiple platforms

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