YotPo Pricing vs CoLoyalty Pricing: Which loyalty program is best for your online store?

yotpo pricing

In today’s market, operating or becoming part of a loyalty program for your online store is crucial for growing your business. It’s like having a special club for your customers where they feel appreciated and want to keep coming back. Offering perks like rewards, special deals, and personalized experiences makes customers feel valued and encourages them to stick around and tell others about your brand. 

Plus, acquiring new customers is 5X costlier than retaining old ones.  That’s why finding the right loyalty program is key—it helps you keep your customers happy and coming back for more.

In this article, we’ll take a look at pricings of two popular loyalty programs for online stores: Yotpo and CoLoyalty.

What is Yotpo?

yotpo pricing

Yotpo is an effective eCommerce marketing solution for enterprises. Its capabilities extend to fostering substantial growth opportunities by fostering enduring connections with customers. 

This platform serves as a hub for understanding your audience’s sentiments, facilitating user-generated content (UGC), reviews, referrals, and rewards programs. Seamlessly integrating with various platforms, Yotpo ensures a cohesive buyer journey. 

Employing Yotpo enables you to amplify your presence across social media platforms, bolster brand visibility, and refine operational strategies based on invaluable customer feedback and insights. 

Yotpo pricing

What is CoLoyalty?

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Coloyalty is a modern-day AI-powered loyalty program that unlike traditional loyalty programs, enables brands to collaborate and create joint loyalty initiatives. 

Traditional loyalty programs often suffer from low redemption rates and uninspiring rewards. CoLoyalty changes that game entirely. Here’s how: customers can now use their loyalty points not only within your brand but also across other brands within the CoLoyalty network. It’s like a shared loyalty ecosystem. 

CoLoyalty isn’t just about retaining your existing customers; it’s also a powerful tool for customer acquisition. How does it work? Well, when customers from other CoLoyalty brands redeem their points on your website, you gain a new customer. 

CoLoyalty represents the future of loyalty programs, leveraging AI to drive engagement and retention. Plus, it’s a smart investment for acquiring new customers without incurring significant costs. With CoLoyalty, you can potentially double your retention rates while expanding your customer base in a cost-effective manner. 

Although YotPo offers a suite of marketing solutions, in this article we will compare Yotpo pricing of its loyalty and rewards feature with Coloyalty: 

Yotpo pricing

YotPo Pricing

Free Plan: 

The free plan includes- 

  1. Basic points campaigns and referrals 
  2. Customers can get fixed amount discounts as rewards 
  3. Merchants can start a referral program 
  4. Merchants can set up a rewards sticky bar which is a widget displaying how many points your customers have earned 
  5. Merchants can set up communication reminders for customers 
  6. Limited support options (only email) 

Pro plan: 

For $199/month, this plan includes everything above plus: 

  1. More ways to offer points to your customers 
  2. Ability to reward users only when they reach a predetermined level of purchases 
  3. Create a dedicated page for shoppers to engage with your program 
  4. Advanced analytics and reporting 
  5. Live chat support 

Premium plan: 

No price is mentioned for this plan. Contact Yotpo for custom quote: 

  1. Reward customers for purchasing specific products and collections 
  2. Create tier-based program 
  3. Allow shoppers to redeem points for a free product 
  4. Access to customer onboarding and success manager 

That’s all about Yotpo pricing. Let us now dive into CoLoyalty pricing:

Yotpo pricing

CoLoyalty Pricing

Here’s an in-depth breakdown of CoLoyalty pricing catering to both SMBs and Enterprise brands: 

SMB Plan: 

CoLoyalty stands out with its pay-per-conversion model, offering a competitive edge for small to medium-sized businesses. 

  • Flexible Pricing: 
  1. For repeat customers, a nominal charge of 2% of the sales generated applies. 
  2. For new customers, a modest fee of 3% of the sales generated is incurred. 
  • Key Features: 
  1. Establish branded group loyalty programs alongside other participating brands. 
  2. Leverage AI-driven tier systems to efficiently allocate loyalty points to customers. 
  3. Craft engaging branded loyalty pages to enhance customer interaction with your program. 
  4. Integrate loyalty widgets onto your website for streamlined user experience. 
  5. Use various notification channels to keep customers informed about their loyalty points. 
  6. Set up diverse gift cards and customize rewards to suit your brand’s preferences. 
  7. Access Webhooks and APIs made for your loyalty program’s integration needs. 

Enterprise Plan: 

For larger entities, the Enterprise Plan offers expanded benefits at a flat rate of $99 per month, providing unlimited order capabilities. Additionally, a reduced commission of 1% of the order value is applied to sales influenced by loyalty. 

  • Comprehensive Offering: 
  1. Enjoy all features included in the SMB Plan. 
  2. Avail of a discounted commission for both existing and new customer-driven sales influenced by loyalty. 

These pricing tiers are designed to accommodate the diverse needs of businesses, ensuring that both SMBs and Enterprises can access the benefits of CoLoyalty. 

Differences between CoLoyalty and Yotpo: Choose the best loyalty software for your store

coloyalty vs yotpo pricing
Final Say

In this article, we talked about Yotpo pricing and CoLoyalty pricing. While Yotpo offers a comprehensive suite of marketing solutions, CoLoyalty presents a modern AI-powered loyalty program that facilitates collaboration among brands, fostering a shared loyalty ecosystem. With its innovative pay-per-conversion model, CoLoyalty is both for SMBs and Enterprise brands, providing flexible pricing options and a comprehensive set of features to drive engagement, retention, and customer acquisition. Now, its your time to choose the best loyalty program for your online store and stay ahead of the competition. 

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