The Ultimate Guide to Maximize your Black Friday Cyber Monday Sales 2024

The holiday season is almost here! Everyone is getting ready for the biggest shopping time of the year – Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is when people look for the best deals on things they like or want to gift to friends and family. 

In 2022, people in the US spent a huge $9.12 billion on Black Friday and even more, a whopping $11.3 billion, on Cyber Monday.

While people are excited to get great discounts online, brands need to do things differently to stand out. They should plan their ecommerce sales strategy ahead and focus on making it easy for shoppers to discover and choose products without any trouble. 

Before we get into helpful tips to boost your sales on Black Friday Cyber Monday in 2023, let’s explore some interesting statistics from our survey on over 5000 online shoppers:

ecommerce sales strategy
  • Over 72% of customers plan to shop online during the BFCM shopping spree this season. 
  • The top three factors shoppers consider before making BFCM purchases are an easy shipping and returns policy, 24×7 sales support, and in-store pick-up. Sellers should prioritize a hassle-free shipping and returns system along with a round-the-clock sales guide. 
  • Approximately 60% of shoppers prefer large discounts for a limited period over smaller discounts available for a longer duration. 
  • 67% of consumers plan to spend more money this year compared to last year. 
  • According to Deloitte, online shoppers spend an average of $430 during the BFCM shopping season. 
  • Apparel, footwear, electronics, and beauty products are expected to be the trending Black Friday sales items this year. Sellers in these categories should restock their bestsellers and prepare for fast delivery processes. 

Understanding Shopper Behaviour

While trying to understand what people choose to buy during Black Friday Cyber Monday can be a bit confusing, but if you are running a business, figuring out these pieces is extremely crucial.  

Let’s break down some simple factors that guide people in deciding what to buy during this big shopping time: 

  1. Exciting deals and discounts 
    We like big discounts and special offers. Limited time offers makes customer acquisition easy and create a sense of among shoppers and makes them want to buy before the time ends.

  2. Online shopping experience 
    A smooth online shopping experience with a 24×7 sales rep to guide customers through purchases and user-friendly interface encourages shoppers to explore and make purchases. A responsive mobile website also plays a crucial role in a seamless shopping experience.
  3. Shipping and returns policy 
    A hassle-free shipping policy is a significant influencer. Also, favourable return policies contribute to increased confidence among shoppers. Make the return policy easy to find on your website and write it in easy language. Your aim should be to make returns an easy process for your shoppers.
  4. Product Recommendations 
    Personalized product recommendations based on browsing history and preferences can lead to additional purchases. Also, AI-driven recommendation engines play an important role in guiding shoppers to relevant products.
  5. Customer Loyalty Programs: 
    Rewards, loyalty points, and exclusive member benefits influence repeat purchases during BFCM. Discounts offered to loyal customers can enhance overall satisfaction. 

Out-of-the-Box Ways to Increase Sales this BFCM

Now that we have talked about the factors influencing consumers shopping behavior, let us now look at some of out-of-the-box ways you can maximize sales this BFCM. It’s important to stay ahead of the competition during such a busy shopping season, and traditional techniques of doing sales will bring you little to no results. 

Gamified Shopping Experience

Turn shopping into a game! Implement gamification elements such as spin-to-win wheels, scratch cards, or interactive quizzes. Reward customers with exclusive discounts based on their game performance. 

-Fun games and challenges keep shoppers on your website for longer 
-Rewards for participation motivate engagement on your website 
-Gamification fosters a sense of community among shoppers 

Ecommerce website optimization: Ensure gamified experience work seamlessly on mobile devices 

Virtual Sales Representative

Most online brands lose out on sales opportunities because of the unavailability of chat reps 24×7. A virtual sales representative that works round-the-clock to guide customers through purchases can work wonders for your brand.  

Hire SalesGPT as your AI-powered sales rep that is available 24×7 to answer any queries of your customers, cross-selling and upselling to increase your AOV and has a strong convincing ability to take customers to the buying stage. All of this happens just how a human would do.  

We are also running a special offer for this BFCM shopping season. Get unlimited conversations for $79 only till 1st Nov.

Social Proof Countdowns

Create countdowns that highlight the number of people currently viewing or purchasing a specific product or offer. This builds social proof and adds an element of competition, prompting quicker decision-making. Here’s how they can be effective: 

-Showing the number of people who have already taken advantage of the offer highlights its popularity, emphasizing scarcity. 

-Countdowns trigger FOMO, making customers anxious about missing out on a great deal. 

-Countdowns add an interactive and engaging element to the shopping experience. 

-Customers actively participate in the time-limited event, creating a memorable experience. 

-Social proof countdowns also encourage faster actions 

Craft Irresistable Bundles

Leverage the power of product bundling! Create enticing product bundles that encourage customers to buy more while feeling they are getting a great deal. 

Here are the key advantages: 

-Increase AOV – Bundling encourages customers to purchase multiple items together, boosting the overall order value. 
– It helps to clear out excess stock or promote slow-moving items by combining them with popular products. 
– Bundles simplify the shopping process for customers by offering a curated selection of products that go well together. 

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Final Say

Embrace the above strategies for a successful black friday cyber monday selling season. From gamified shopping to social proof and product bundling, these strategies engage and convert shoppers. They go beyond the norm, turning visitors into loyal buyers. In today’s digital market, staying ahead means adopting these innovative methods. Stand out during BFCM, create a shopper-friendly environment, and enjoy a rewarding sales experience. 

Seling on Amazon? Read this blog to know how you can optimize your Amazon product listing for maximum sales –